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Friday, February 3, 2023

Sunburst Watercolour Heart Painting

Valentine's is around the corner so here's a cute watercolour lesson to get kids refining their watercolour skills. I found the lesson HERE and let my Grade 7-9 students have free reign with it. The link provides really clear instructions. I modified the lesson by having a glitter or felt heart glued onto the center. 

Using heavy white paper, students taped off a border. Then drew converging lines in pencil to the center point. They painted in the sections using watercolours. 

Then glued on a glitter or felt heart. I found these at Dollarama. 

Remove the tape and voila!  I love the creative solutions my students came up with!


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Heart Maps Art Project

This is an Art & English/writing project that I did with a Grade 6 class called "heart maps".
I found the lesson on the Scholastic website HERE

It asks students to create a heart map that expresses the following: 
What’s special in your life? Fill this heart with people, places and memories that are most important to you. Be creative with shapes and sizes.

I bought large pink and white heart doilies from Dollarama. I then printed out a heart shape that fit perfectly inside these doilies. Using the PDF lesson linked above, students could brainstorm and plan their design. Then their good copy on the white heart I provided. 
They used coloured pencils and markers to colour them in.

Here are some finished one!


Sunday, January 22, 2023

Giraffe's Can't Dance paintings

This is a great project to teach the idea of both figurative-type drawing and creating a sense of movement. I try and teach it every year to my Grade 5's. The book, that this lesson is based on, is also very charming and gives a wonderful message about being yourself. 

I posted about this lesson a couple of years ago and you can see more of the steps HERE.
I tend to change up the background every year or so and have done the background paper using watercolour, liquid tempera and tempera cakes (seen below). 
The students draw their own giraffe dancing in a pose of their choice on regular white paper. 
They colour this using coloured pencils and outline it with a fine tip Sharpie. These are then cut out and glued carefully onto their background paper. 
This display is always a crowd pleaser and makes everyone who views it smile!

First: paint a background sky and ground and hills with paint of your choice. 
I demonstrate how to fade out a full moon.

Draw your giraffe in pose of your choice. Outline in sharpie. Colour. Cut out.

Some Grade 5 artworks:


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Interlocking Hearts Valentine Drawing

Here is a gorgeous Valentine themed lesson that teaches excellent shading skills. 
It focuses on using shading to turn a flat 2D shape into a 3D form. 

These were made by Grade 6 students. I give them the choice of using pencil or colored pencil for their good copy.  Most stick with pencil as it's a bit easier to shade with. We use drawing pencils (4B) and blenders to get a nice shading effect.

See all the steps in my previous post HERE.

This group of students was one of my strongest yet so their final drawings turned out particularly well. 
The student below added white gel pen detail to her piece.


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