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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Macarons in chalk pastel

This was a quick but effective lesson on form and shading, using chalk pastels.
I demonstrated how to draw a macaron to Grade 7-9 students. 
I showed them the ruffled 'foot' part and how to do a soft highlight.
They drew them nice and large on coloured construction paper. Then they coloured and blended them using chalk pastels. Finally, they were cut out. 
Most students just managed to finish in our 80 minute block. 
As you can see, strawberry was a favourite flavour!


Sunday, February 11, 2024

Rose Drawing for Valentine's Day

I needed a quick and effective one day lesson for a new group of students I had. This rose drawing lesson gave me a really good indication of each student's level. As well, they were able to take their art home that day and give it to someone for Valentine's Day. 
I found the drawing tutorial on Art Projects for Kids

My class is a mixed group of Grade 4,5,6 students, so this tutorial has enough detail 
to make the rose look dimensional, but not so much to make it difficult. 
I demonstrated for them how to draw the rose, then some simple shading techniques using coloured pencils. Students were encouraged to add their own details to make it their own style. 



Monday, January 29, 2024

Valentine Paper Crafts for Lower Elementary

Here are some adorable Valentine crafts that were made by our younger students who are in the After-Care program. They make such cute holidays crafts and they always bring a smile to my face!


Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Painted Paper Woven Hearts

This is a fun but time consuming lesson- great for Valentine's Day.
I was inspired by a lesson found posted on the now defunct
Los Cerros Middle School art page in California. I teach this lesson to Grade 4,5,6 students.

Find all the steps when I posted previously about this 14 years ago (!!) HERE

To make it go faster, use smaller paper!  
This time we used 9 x 12" heavy white paper and tempera paint. 

Grade 4,5,6 results:


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