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Friday, December 3, 2021

Elf drawing and watercolour

Adorable elf watercolours by Grade 3 students.
This is a perfect lesson for that week before Christmas break when teachers are tired and students are high energy! If your school is like mine, art teachers are super busy in December. My school has two winter concerts that I help decorate for and provide artwork for, plus a winter market!

So I definitely try and simplify me lessons during this month for my sanity. Guided drawings are the way to go with younger kids. It helps kids who are not super confident drawers have step by step visuals. And for more advanced or creative students, they can use the handouts and a jumping off point for more creative drawings. 

I found this great step by step handout of an elf drawing HERE on the "Art Projects for Kids" website Kathy has SO many great guided drawing handouts you can print out. Great for days when you need a substitute teacher as well. 

My Grade 3's started by drawing their elf onto heavy white paper.

Then they outline with Sharpie and paint with watercolours. 
Of course you could also use markers or coloured pencils.
They can add, embellish and do whatever they like with their drawings. These would also make cute Christmas cards!


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Holiday Reindeer Painting

This is a lovely holiday project that I saw on the wonderful Deep Space Sparkle website HERE.
Patty shows all the steps and even has a video tutorial and handouts.

My Grade 4 - 6 class started by drawing their reindeer onto heavy paper. 
Then they painted it using tempera. 

Once dry, cut it out and glue it onto a larger sheet of background paper. Outline the eyes and add details using pencil crayons or whatever you'd like. Cut out antlers from construction paper and glue them on. Add a collar, bells, whatever else you'd like.

We added a pom-pom nose.

Finally we painted snow in the background. 

Some finished reindeer- so cute!


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Watercolour, Pen & Ink Plant & Mushroom Paintings

This is a pen & ink and watercolour project inspired by the beautiful work of  Nurkhi Paints, an artist from Vancouver. 

From her website:
My name is Nuraya, and I'm a Registered Nurse and self-taught artist from British Columbia, Canada. I am inspired by the natural world and I love adding intricate details and colour to my work. My goal is to create beautiful art that brings people a sense of inspiration, calm and joy.

Find her on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/nurkhi.paints/

My Grade 7 - 9 students started off by visiting her Instagram and watching her tutorials. They looked up leaf or mushroom (or any object) online to sketch out first on paper. Then they traced it with a sharpie.

Then they painted their designs using watercolours, making sure to use at least 
two colours within each section. 

Once dry, they used an ultra fine tip sharpie (or micron pen) to fill the painting with 
closely spaced curved parallel lines. 

Some completed Grade 7 - 9 works!


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