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Saturday, September 25, 2021

One Point Perspective Scarecrow in a Pumpkin Field Watercolour


This is one of my favourite Fall themed art lessons- I teach it to my Grade 6 classes every year. It reviews one point perspective, and shows how to create a sense of depth by changing the size of pumpkins in a field (small, medium and large). I give students a choice to create either a 'typical' fall scene (scarecrow, pumpkin, barn, etc) or to create a more 'spooky' Halloween version.

I previously posted all the steps HERE.

We draw them in pencil first, outline in fine tip Sharpie, then colour however you want- we use marker watercolour and liquid watercolour for the sky. 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Elements of Art Word Design


This is a project that reviews the elements of art with my high school class.
I previously posted the projects steps HERE

Students can choose to use whichever media they want and divide the paper 
in whatever way they choose.

Below, you can see this student did the quote on a separate sheet of cardstock and has it raised above the background using cardboard squares.

This student did his digitally.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ribbon Hand Lettering

This was the first 'intro' project I did with my junior high kids this past week. 
I taught them how to make a cursive word look like it was done in ribbon style.
I watched a tutorial HERE and then taught it to my students. Certain letters are super challenging so it just takes time and practice. Kids need to know how to draw in cursive for this lesson- some didn't know how!!  Why isn't this still being taught in elementary school?!

Some in progress pics from Grade 7-9 students:


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Crazy Carrots Collage

This is a super cute and fun project I did years ago with my Grade 2 class. 
I found the project HERE. There is a link to the writing prompt template.

So first I had the kiddos make their "crazy carrot" collage out of construction paper. They could make them however they wanted, but I encouraged something crazy or silly or creative.

Then they filled out the writing prompt and I glued their carrot to it. 
They look so cute and funny all together! 


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