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Monday, June 29, 2020

Egyptian Cartouches

After our King Tut/Cleopatra projects, my Grade 6 students learn about Egyptian hieroglyphs and how to write their name using the cartouche format. 
I provide a cartouche template and an alphabet translation for their name. 

They sketch their name out vertically in pencil, the go over it in Sharpie and colour the background however they want- watercolours, coloured pencils, markers. Let dry then cut it out.

On a sheet of heavy white paper/cardstock, students design a border in an Egyptian style. They need to measure it to make sure there's enough space for their cartouche in the middle.

Again, they use markers or paint.

Once dry, glue stick the cartouche in the middle of the background border.

Some Grade 6 finished artworks:

Monday, June 1, 2020

Cleopatra & King Tut Portrait Paintings

I teach an Egyptian Art unit every year with my Grade 6 classes. Alas not this year but please admire the work of my last year's class!
All the instructions are on my original post HERE.
Last year I gave the option of pencil crayons as well as tempera. I definitely prefer the tempera ones though as they're much more dramatic. 

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