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Sunday, December 5, 2010

King Tut Egyptian Portrait

This Grade 6 lesson was inspired by Kathy Barbro's lesson found here on 

It is an excellent simplification and good intro into portrait drawing. I showed my kids a video and powerpoint explaining why, in fact, King Tut is so famous. Then I did a demo of the  basic drawing steps on the board.  The kids always seem to know alot about Egypt as they tend to study it in elementary school.

Here are the project steps below:

Practice drawing in sketchbook.....

Draw good copy on large heavy paper....

I was super impressed by this drawing--- so sophisticated.

Then outline all pencil lines with a permanent black marker.....
Then paint with tempera, including gold. For the gold tempera, we used the Italian brand PRIMO which I really like. I find with metallic temperas, in general, you usually need two coats of paint to get it nice and opaque.


One girl asked to do a female, so I suggested Cleopatra- 
I will probably give this option next time I teach this lesson.


Unknown said...

I adore these portraits! And the added detail that your students included is just perfect. Thank you so much for sending me your link. Can you please tell me what brand of tempera you use as it looks SO rich?

Miss said...

Thanks Kathy! For the blue paint we used "Pro Art" Premium quality tempera (it dries really nice and velvety) and for the gold we used an Italian brand of tempera called "Primo Colori metallizzati". For the backgrounds, we used regular tempera discs in a tray.

Mrs. Skojec said...

I LOVE this project! I started it with my 6th grade last week. They are very impressed with their results! Thanks to you and Kathy for the ideas!


Miss said...

Pam- I'm glad you and your students are enjoying the project. Please post a link in the comments here if you post your results- I would love to see them!

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