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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Watercolour Grid Paintings

One of my all time favourite watercolour projects!
I posted this project previously HERE.
Students measure a grid onto heavy white paper. The smaller the grid, the longer and more challenging it is to paint essentially.  So it's a good project for differentiation.
Then they draw an image onto the grid. I leave the subject matter up to them. They just need to make sure to fill the page effectively. Then they paint it using watercolours- I typically encourage warm versus cool colours but you could use any type of colour combinations really. 

You can see below the different paces my students work at!!!

Some finished Grade 7 - 9 paintings:

Monday, May 6, 2019

Antler Animals in Silhouette

This is a Canadian 'animals with antlers' project that was proposed to me by the Grade 5 Social Studies teacher at mu school. He wanted a display for his classroom as well as making a contest whereby students have to guess which animal is which. 

So students started off by painting a sky background using liquid watercolours on heavy 9 x 12" white paper. I demonstrated the 'wet-on-wet' technique so the colours would blend together. 
This took one 40 minute class.

The next class, students chose from handouts I made of various Canadian animals that have antlers: elk, caribou, whitetail deer, bison and moose. 
Lemme tell you that 85% of the class chose deer and  only one kid chose the poor bison!!

So I had the kids do a practice drawing first just to get the proportions correct. 
Then they sketched it onto their painted background and including some naturalistic looking grass.

Then they painted it all in using black tempera- I demonstrated how to outline the animal 
and grass first with a thin brush and then fill in the rest with a larger brush. 

Some Grade 5 results!



Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bunny Collage with Pastel Stripes

Posting this a little late (one day before Easter, haha) but here you are nonetheless! It also makes a super cute Spring themed lesson.These are adorable mixed media bunnies by Grade 2 students that we did a couple of years ago. 
I found the lesson HERE on the website "Learning in Spain".  I thought the project was so pretty and adorable- pastel colours are my weakness so I knew I had to try it!

I pre-mixed a bunch of pastel coloured tempera into bottles. 
We discussed how to create a 'tint' or a 'pastel' colour (any colour plus white).

On heavy white 9 x 12" paper, students painted a pattern of stripes. 

The next class, students created their bunnies. I showed them how to fold over a flap on white paper on which to draw one bunny ear. This keeps the ears symmetrical. They drew their bunny face/head on the bottom part of the paper. Then outlined it in marker. 

They colour in the ears and then cut everything out and 
glue it onto their painted background paper. 

So adorable!!!! I love all the different types of bunnies. 
Some Grade 2 results:

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