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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Leaf Prints with Sponged Backgrounds

This is one of my all-time favourite Fall projects. The only problem where I live is that our fall is so brief and we also don't have a huge variety of leaves to choose from near my school; we have mostly aspens. In this case, I ask the students to bring leaves from their backyards as some have a wider variety of interesting leaves to choose from. We have a park nearby so I pick some fresh leaves the morning of the project for kids who need them. It's best to use freshly fallen leaves that are still flexible. 

I've posted about this project previously HERE, where you can see all the steps. 

Grade 8 students start by making leaf prints on black paper using white tempera.  
This takes some practice so have lots of scrap paper ready. The next class, when the prints are dry, students colour in the black spaces of the leaves using pencil crayons. 

Then, using tempera, they choose colours to sponge print in the background. The can use one colour or mix colours. We use a combination of mini natural sponges that I bu in the craft section of Walmart or round bristle brushes for smaller spaces. The students just use these to stipple the paint onto the background. 

Some of the Grade 7 - 9 results:

close up detail

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Spooky Moonlit Branches

This is a great spooky Halloween project that I did with a mixed elective class of Gr. 4 - 6 this year.
I found the initial project HERE.

Students choose blue or purple construction paper- they draw on a large full moon and colour it with white or yellow chalk pastels. Then they fill in the background with cool colours and black and blend it all together with a paper towel. Then, using black tempera paint, they painted on a tree branch. We had previously practiced drawing bare branched trees so they were pretty confident drawing these.

The last step is to add a highlight to the tops of the branches using 
white chalk or a white coloured pencil. 

I'm lucky to have a roll laminator in my room so I try to laminate chalk pastel projects.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Glue Line Chalk Pastel Poppies

Every year I try to do a new poppy project for Remembrance Day.  Our school assembly is on November 1st this year, so I had to get these started a couple of weeks ago so I would have time to laminate them so they would be ready to hang in a couple of weeks.
Last year, we made large painted poppies. You can see that post HERE.

I was inspired by THIS photo I found on Pinterest. I couldn't find the original source, so if it's yours, please leave a comment below and I'll be sure to credit you :)
I altered the original project to use glue lines instead of, what looks like, black chalk lines. 
We used my favourite glue that I always use now for glue line projects: Elmer's clear glue. I buy the gallon sized and use it to fill empty squeeze bottles as I find the individual Elmer's glue bottles really hard and stiff to squeeze. My kids can barely do it. 
So start off my sketching some simple poppies onto black construction paper- we used 12x18".
Pass over all the lines with clear glue.

Let these dry FLAT overnight. The glue lines dry flat and super shiny.

Colour them using chalk pastels. We start by colouring the background, then the poppies last. 
This is super messy!!! I'm lucky to have a roll laminator in my room (it takes up alot of space, haha) so I try to laminate all chalk pastel projects- otherwise they just get ruined when the kids take them home. 

up close detail

Some Grade 4 - 6 results. 
These photos, taken with my crap camera phone, don't do them justice. 
They're much more vivid in person.

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