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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pop Art Hearts Mixed Media

This is a fun and colourful project that I found on Instagram HERE on the art teacher account by Lauralee Chambers. Her photo was so whimsical and happy I knew I had to try the lesson.

We used bleeding art tissue- they type that dissolves its colour when wet. I can be tricky to find 
where I live so I order it online. 

So Grade 5 students chose their colours for the background and cut the tissue paper into large squares. I had pre-cut heavy white paper into squares. They wet the paper, lay down a tissue square then let dry and peeled them off at the end of class. This easily took one 40 minute period- some kids didn't even finish. I have to say that these were absolutely gorgeous on their own!! Once dry, though, I found the colours faded a bit and were lighter.

The next class, students folded a scrap sheet of copy paper in half and cut out a heart, making sure it was large enough to fill a good chunk of the background paper (we talk about focal point here). 
They trace their heart template onto the background paper and paint it with tempera.

Once dry, students added a chunky white highlight using chalk. Fun!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Red Barn in Perspective Painting

This was my attempt at teaching my Grade 6 class how to draw a traditional red barn in perspective. Perspective is one f those topics I really don't enjoy teaching. I think it's because it has a lot of math and logic involved- two area of major weakness for me! As an artist, visually I can draw in perspective and understand it, but I struggle with really verbally explaining it well to my students. So I tend to show a lot of photos and then draw the barn step by step on chart paper to visually explain it to students. It doesn't help that I hate using rulers to do it, preferring to draw freehand and I ask my kids to do the same. I find when kids use rulers, their drawing tend to end up very rigid and stiff. 

I find that Grade 6-ers love learning how t draw in perspective and they really put a lot of effort into this particular project. I had a lot of handouts and visuals available to them, despite this, I still had many kids who couldn't seem to get the perspective right, so had to do quite a bit of walking around, monitoring and correcting. 

So once they did a little practice, they drew their good copy on large white paper. 

Then they outlined them in Sharpie.

For colouring, I gave them a few options: watercolours, coloured pencils and liquid watercolours.

Here's some of the finished ones (more or less, some still in progress)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Radial Seascape Watercolours

This was a perfect end of the year project. It didn't take too long to finish,  and it kept the kids engaged. I traced a large circle onto sheets of smooth 8 x 11" cardstock. Students used watercolour and painted it generously with lots of water and paint to create little puddles of pigment. Then they laid plastic wrap over-top. Let these dry overnight and you will be left with a beautiful watery pattern from the plastic wrap.

On a separate sheet of paper, students drew an underwater creature of their choice. 
They coloured them using either watercolour or coloured pencils. Cut out the water circle, then the object and glue it on top. These took about 2- 40 minute period to complete.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Egyptian Portraits and Cartouches

My Grade 6 class completes a unit on Egyptian art every year. We do a portrait of King Tut or Cleopatra and then make a cartouche of our name. 

It's easy to find cartouche patterns/templates online. HERE for example.

My kids used a hieroglyph handout to translate their name and wrote it vertically on the handout. Then they coloured it with whatever media they wanted. Then they cut them out.

On heavy white paper they had to paint or colour some sort of border design.

Once finished the cartouche was glued on top of the border paper.

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