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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Torn Paper Cardinal Collage

This is a pretty and textural project using torn construction paper. We did cardinals but next year I will try a variety of birds. You could do birds from your own province or region or your provincial/state bird, etc. 

You can see my previous post on this project HERE

Materials: construction paper (lots of red, a bit of black and orange), glue sticks or white glue, scissors.

Grade 4-6 students started by sketching out a large cardinal shape to fill a large sheet of red construction paper. They cut this shape out- use the scraps and tear them into long horizontal strips. Starting at the top or bottom, start gluing down and overlapping the stirps of torn paper. You can use different shades of red for the winds and tail. Fill everything and then collage on the face using black (we use scissors to cut this part out. Add an orange beak and paper eyes and voila!

Grade 4 - 6 results:


Monday, May 3, 2021

Floral Foam Sculptures


This is the second time I've tried this floral foam sculpture project and I love the results everytime!

I posted the steps previously HERE.

I buy all my floral foam at Dollarama. In Canada, where I live, you can only buy it in the Spring and Summer. I tried doing this in the winter once and couldn't find any floral foam in the stores. 

I save box lids from the office where all our photocopy paper comes in. Students do all their carving in the box lids and dump out the scraps in the garbage periodically. I have scrap foam for them to practice on first. They use plastic utensils, chopsticks, bamboo sticks and anything else they can think of to carve their sculpture. They are fragile and soft so they need to be careful with the carving process.

Once it's finished, prime them with white acrylic paint.

Once primed and dry, they can be painted with acrylic. I have metallic acrylic available also.

I have scrap wood available to use as bases. 
Students can stain them or paint them to match their sculpture.

Some Grade 10 - 12 results:

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Low Relief Designs from Cardboard


This is a really cool low-bas relief project that I based on Mexican milagros. I posted about this previously HERE

You need: thin cardboard scraps, cardboard for a base (cereal boxes, scrap mat board, etc), good quality scissors that can cut cardboard, white glue, black issue paper, metallic wax crayons (paper removed). 

So I save cereal boxes from home and collect 'good' cardboard throughout the year and keep it in a big box. I also get scrap mat board donated from a framing store. I pre-cut all the cereal boxes into nice clean rectangles using my large paper cutter. 

Students started off by sketching a design of something they like. The need to include the word- it can be in any language. Start by gluing a slightly smaller thin piece of cardboard onto a larger one. This will rete a border. Students will then cut out all their shapes for their design. They need to think in terms of 'layers'. I encourage them to have 4 layers (including the border). Glue all the pieces down with white glue. Let dry overnight.

I need to then flatten these all overnight as they warp pretty badly. I just stack a bunch of heavy board and books on top.
Then the students cut a sheet of black tissue paper about an inch larger than their design and crumple it up (gently) to create texture. Then they cover their whole cardboard design with a thin layer of white glue. They paint this on using old paintbrushes. Lay the black tissue on top and carefully pat it all around the shapes using another dry paintbrush. Work from the center outwards. 
Be slow and gentle because the paper can tear!

Wrap the excess around the back and glue down.

Then, using the side of a metallic wax crayon, rub over the entire design and this will really highlight the design and make it 'pop. It also makes it look liked aged metal like tarnished silver or pewter.

Some Grade 7 - 9 finished artworks:

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