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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Plasticine Pictures: Seasons

My mixed Grade 4-6 class recently completed these plasticine/modelling clay pictures. They are based on the work of Canadian artist/illustrator Barbara Reid. She uses plasticine to illustrate children's books. Her website is wonderful and has video tutorials of how she uses plasticine to create her pictures. I showed these to my students before we began the project.

I previously posted this lesson HERE that I did with younger grades- their theme was farm animals. 
I wanted to try these again with my older grades and many of them remembered doing 
them in Grade 2. The theme I gave this class was: Seasons.

This time they used the inside cuts of mat board. I get them for free from my local Michaels. It worked really well as it's really thick and sturdy. I also gave the option of using the paper plates they used before. They started off with a basic sketch of their landscape. 

Then they work from the background to the foreground, mixing colours if they need to.

I buy my plasticine in big blocks then chop it up with a knife 
and store the lumps in zip lock bags. 

Some Grade 4 - 6 results:

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Observational Shoe Contour Drawing with Patterns

This was an excellent contour shoe drawing lesson I found on The Art of Ed website HERE
I used this as a sub lesson when I was away for a conference recently. I left it for Grades 4-9. It was perfect because it only needed minimal supplies and no mess for the sub! The younger grades said it was 'really hard' and my Grade 7-9 students had no problem at all with it. I feel like all the students did really well with it nonetheless!

They started with an observational drawing of their shoe on regular copy paper.

Then they outlined their shoe in Sharpie.

Then they broke up the background into large sections and drew a pattern in each one. 

The background was coloured using markers.

I love the Crayola Tropical series.

Some Grade 7-9 results:

Grade 4 - 6 results:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Viking Longship Watercolour Paintings

My mixed Grade 7-9 class recently completed these watercolour paintings of Viking Longships. 
I taught this lesson about 3 or 4 years ago- you can see the steps HERE.
I really recommend using watercolour paper for this- it makes all the difference. This time I tried a 'budget student brand' watercolour paper and it was utter garbage! I mean, it worked enough but not as well as it could have. 

Some of the Grade 7 - 9 paintings:

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