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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Glue Line Watercolour Pumpkins


Here's this years version of a very popular Halloween project I first posted about 10 years ago. See the original post HERE. I've seen versions of my adapted lesson floating all around different blogs since then; even on Teachers Pay Teachers with no credit to my blog.... frustrating. 
As I mentioned in my original post:
These were inspired by a 2005 lesson from Arts & Activities magazine called "Glue, Hue and Contour, Too" by Art teacher Paula Guhin. Her original lesson involved drawing plants from observation- I've simply changed it to pumpkins for Fall.

See- not hard to give credit!!


Start drawing directly with white glue.

Let dry overnight. Outline the glue line with fine tip sharpie.

Erase mistakes with hand sanitizer! 

Paint with watercolour- must include shading. I let my students choose which type of watercolour they want to use (pan, liquid or pencil). Most choose pan.

Some finished Grade 7 - 9 examples!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Haunted House Silhouette Painting


This is a fantastic Halloween project that I saw on TV one day when I was at home on a sick day a few years ago. It was on the British art kids show "Art Attack" (is it still on??) I remember scrawling down the instructions on a scrap of paper thinking in what a great lesson it would be for my junior high students. You could use it to focus on Victorian architecture, for example. Or Gothic or castles, etc.

The instructions and steps are posted HERE on my original post. 

You simply need 12 x 18" construction paper and India ink. 
My students use laptops to find reference materials online.  
Here are some Grade 7 - 9 results from a couple of years ago. 

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Puffy Ghosts

Puffy ghosts!!  One of my all-time favourite Halloween lessons and the kids beg to make them every year. See my original post, with all the steps, HERE.

Mix up in a big bowl equal parts white shaving cream and white glue. Glob into the shape of a ghost, add construction paper eyes and mouth and let dry overnight. They come out so cute!!

Grade 4 ghosts:


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