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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Shiny Holiday Object Drawings in Oil Pastel


For our final project before the Christmas break, my Grade 7-9 students chose any shiny holiday themed object to draw. The focus as to get a nice sharp highlight to showcase the object's shiny or reflective surface. Candy canes were obviously popular, but some students tried something a bit more challenging. 

They started off by drawing their object on lilac construction paper.

Then they used a white oil pastel to draw a thick line of highlight 
down the center of the object.

Then they coloured in the rest, using two similar values: one light and one darker, on the edges.

Finally, they cut it out and glued it onto black paper.

A lot of kids didn't manage to finish in time unfortunately but here are some that did!

Friday, December 15, 2023

Mixed Media Holiday Reindeer

This is a super cute retro style reindeer project that I found on Deep Space Sparkle. She gives wonderful instructions as well as a tutorial.
I painted about it previously HERE.

Grade 4-6 students sketched out their reindeer head on 9 x 12"  manila paper.

Then painted it using tempera paint. One colour plus white (review tints).

Next class, once dry, outline all the pencil lines in charcoal pencil and blend. 
Then cut out the head.

Fold a sheet of brown construction paper in half and draw one antler. Cut out and you have two matching. 

Glue onto the head and background paper.

Finally, we added a collar and a pom pom nose.

Some finished artworks!



Monday, December 11, 2023

Quote Paintings

This is a quote painting project I do with my high school mixed class- Grade 10-12 students. They choose a favourite or meaningful quite, then find a way to create it using paint of their choice.
See my previous post on this project HERE.

I encouraged students to choose their cultural languages- this time I got quotes in Hungarian, Turkish and Russian!
Watercolour is always a super popular paint choice in my classes.

Some finished artworks:

The translation below:


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