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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Circle Grid Tree

This is a perfect back-to-school lesson as well as a perfect end of the year lesson. Simple materials, straightforward directions -----> perfect for those times of the year where it can be stressful or hectic.
I've posted about this lesson previously HERE.
I found the lesson HERE.

I use markers for this project but you could also use coloured pencils or crayons.
I have different marker brands organized in different bins.

I print the template onto regular 8 x 11" photocopy paper. I've also used larger sizes before but they take a really long time to finish and students can lose motivation. 
I encourage the students to create a pattern within the tree. I give them free reign in terms of colours. 
They write down the colours they use on the bottom of the paper so they know which colours to use next class.

These look so beautiful hung up on a bulletin board!!
Some Grade 4-6 results:

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Watercolour Leaves with resist

This is a lovely back to school project to inject some colour and pattern into your first bulletin board display. I found the lesson here on the Art Projects for Kids website. 
You'll need: heavy white paper, sharpies, oil pastels, watercolours (we used liquid).

On heavy white paper, Grade 3 students drew a leaf with veins. Fill the page- nice and big!

Outline the leaf in Sharpie. Then fill in the leaf sections using different lines and patterns using oil pastel- press hard for the resist to work!

Draw concentric lines around the leaf with a white oil pastel. 
Then paint everything using watercolours. 

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