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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Architecture Oil Pastel Batik

I've done a few projects using variations on the faux batik method. I've tried it all- tempera, wax crayon but I think my favorite process uses oil pastels.

My Grade 10-12 mixed class had to choose a photo of architecture to draw. I encouraged them to choose a personal place- somewhere they've visited or would like to visit or a place with some sort of special meaning. They drew this onto heavy white 12 x 18" paper. 

Then they outline all the pencil lines using coloured chalk.

Then they colour in the entire design using oil pastels making sure to not go over the chalk lines. It's best to stick to lighter colours. These need to be applied in a thick, opaque layer in order for the next step to work!

Then mix up some dark acrylic paint or India ink. Water down the acrylic paint to an ink-like consistency. Paint over the design and wipe/blot/dab off the excess with paper towels.

Some of my students work:

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Stencil with painted background

This is a cool stencil project that offers endless creative possibilities for high school students.
I'm super paranoid about using x-acto knives with students so I generally only use them with my high school students (Grade 10-12). Of course, if I have a particularly mature lower grade, they will use them as well. 

The first step is to create a stencil out of cardstock. This can be white or colored cardstock, but it needs to be a heavy paper. I left the subject open for my students. You can see below this student chose two Game of Thrones sigils- the House Stark direwolf proved far too challenging so he switched mid-way to House Greyjoy sigil. 

Once the stencil is cut out, he students design a background for it. This could be painted background or anything really. The students below chose to collage magazine pages to the back of her landscape stencil. 

Below you can see this student used a marker-watercolor technique 
for her background.


Some Grade 10-12 artworks below:

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