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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Frankenstein Kids

I think this is such a cute Halloween project. I used to teach it to Grade 3 back when I taught that grade. I decided to bring it back for a fun Halloween project for my Grades 4-6 students this year. 
I saw the lesson originally posted HERE on the blog "ARTventurous".

They sketched out their Frankenstein kid on white paper. Then outlined with a Sharpie. 
They coloured them in with construction paper crayons. 

They outlined the entire image with a yellow wax crayon and created some electricity bolts. 

Finally, they painted the background with liquid watercolours.

I love how cutely scary these are!


Monday, October 24, 2022

Half a Face Drawing

This was a drawing project I did with my mixed Grade 7 - 9 class when we were online a couple of years ago. I also taught this to my Grade 10 - 12 class- see their work HERE.

Students had to print a photo of someone of personal interest (actor, celebrity, musician, etc) or they could find an image in a magazine. They cut the photo in half and glued one half to paper. 

Then they had to re-create the other half as accurately as they could, with a focus on shading and matching values. 
I was super pleased with what they were able to achieve at home. I feel like some of them did even better on their own as there were far fewer distractions than in a classroom.


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Autumn Birch Tree Paintings

Beautiful birch trees!  My favourite trees!  
I love them especially in the fall when the leaves turn a bright yellow.

Students created these stunning birch tree paintings using tape and acrylics.
They used two different sized widths of masking tape to lay down trees on heavy white paper. 
They 'linted' the tape on their clothes first to take off the excess stickiness. Then they painted over the whole thing with a shade of blue or turquoise. 

They added some 'dead grass' at the bottom.

Then carefully peeled off the tape.

The next class they painted the bark texture using a dry brush technique and 
added some black and white branches. 

Then, using a round bristle brush, they dabbed on two shades of yellow for the leaves. 

Some Grade 4,5,6 finished works:


Monday, October 17, 2022

Cubist Oil Pastel Portraits

The classic Picasso Cubist portrait lesson!

I introduced Grade 5 students to Picasso's colorful Cubist portraits. We discussed the style and elements in his works. They did a practice sketch then drew their good copy on black construction paper. 

Then they were coloured using oil pastels. 
Students were encouraged to mix and layers colours. 

Some Grade 5 finished portraits:


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