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Monday, August 18, 2014

Robot Collage

This was an end of the year project that uses up all those scrap colored papers 
we Art Teachers keep/store/hoard all year long!
Grade 3 students reviewed/discussed symmetry and I showed them how to fold small pieces of paper 
and then cut out a shape. The folding keeps the shape perfectly symmetrical. 

Use a glue stick to glue everything onto a contrasting colored piece of background paper. 
I encouraged students to glue all the parts of the robot slightly apart to give it that jointed robot feel. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ladybugs in the Grass

This is a super cute summer collage project that I found HERE on Artsonia.
They're from Art teacher Kate Sakowski from Peter Muschal Elementary School in New Jersey.

Grade 1 students started off by looking at Google images of ladybugs on the Smartboard. One child asked "Do we have to make them red?, so then I asked, "Well, I wonder if they come in different colors?" We Googled it and sure enough, ladybugs come in a range of colors including yellow, orange, blue, pink, brown and the most common, red. I had no clue they came in such a variety of colors!

Students started off my tearing a piece of brown construction paper for the 'dirt' and gluing it to a background color (for the sky, basically). Then students cut up strips of grass from two different colors of green paper. We discuss how this gives 'variety' to the artwork and helps make it more interesting.

Then students made an oval template on a small piece of cardstock and used that to trace onto colored paper of their choice. This helps keep all the ladybugs relatively the same size. Then they used a black crayon (marker would be better) to color in the head and spots.

All the ladybugs get glued onto the grass and finally the six legs are drawn on. 
I really think these are so adorable!

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