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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn Owls

This is an adorable owl project perfect for Fall. Any elementary class will have fun creating these- 
in this case a Grade 3 class.

Show the class photos of owls. Maybe take some owl books from the library so kids can reference from them. On large white paper (construction paper or drawing paper with a slight 'tooth' works best for the chalk pastels later on), draw a simple line drawing of an owl.

Once the coloring if completed, to polish them up a bit, slowly (some kids really want to speed up at this point)  pass over all the pencil lines with a black oil pastel.

Once finished, you can leave as is, or glue onto black paper and cut around it, leaving a thin border.

Ta da!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Scarecrows

Grade 1 students drew these adorable scarecrow faces. 
I used the wonderful scarecrow created by Kathy from "Art Projects for Kids" as my inspiration. 
Check out the link HERE. I felt it was perfect for this age group.

To begin, I talked about scarecrows with the kids. I asked them what they were, what they knew about them, what their purpose is, and what they are made out of, etc. 

As a starting point, each student received white paper a circle (head) drawn on it. This is so kids don't draw the head too small. I find at this young age (6) that tends to be a problem; having this simple starting point also helps the students who struggle with drawing. 
From there, students added a hat, the facial features (simple shapes) and the upper body. 
Students could add any additional details or a background.
They then outlined all their pencil lines with a black marker.

For colouring, we used chalk pastels. I did a quick demo and then the kids went at it. It was quite messy (chalk pastel tends to go over all their sleeves and front of shirts no matter how careful they are, so beware!!) Some chose to go somewhat realistically and others mixed colours together randomly. A lot of the girls added 'long hair'. haha!
They all asked while I was drawing my demo: "Can I make mine look like a girl?"
Ta da! 



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