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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Contemporary Evergreen Trees Mixed Media Collage

I found this pretty winter lesson HERE on the Dutch Art blog "Kids Artists". 
I modified the lesson a bit- instead of using bleeding tissue for the trees, we created textured paper using salt sprinkled over liquid watercolours. This took one period.

Here's all the paper dried the ext day. 
Wiping off the crusty dried salt is a bit of a pain. 

Each paper turns out so different with a beautiful crystallized effect. 

The next class students painted their backgrounds using either regular pan watercolours or liquid watercolours. They painted snow on top using white tempera paint.

While their backgrounds were drying, they used rulers and drew a variety of 
sizes of triangles on the back of their salt paper. 

These were cut out and patterns added using a gold or silver marker.

Then they glued them onto their background. 

Some Grade 4 - 6 results!

up close detail

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