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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wacky Witches Legs

This was a super fun Halloween art project I did with my Grade 4-6 mixed elective class- the famous "Witches Legs" you see all over Pinterest. I'm not sure who posted the original project but I looked at lots of different blogs for inspiration.

My students started off by painting a striped background on heavy white paper using tempera pucks.

While the background dries, prepare your legs and skirt. I pulled out my big scrap paper box plus grabbed some of the bright coloured copy paper from the photocopy room :)
Students went to town and needed very little assistance.

Once the background paper is dry, glue the skirt and legs on. 
I find white glue sticks better to painted tempera surfaces.

I brought out all my little 'bits & bobs' for decorations: buttons, sequins, lace scraps, 
stick-on jewels, glitter glue, etc. The cheap $1.50 bins near the checkout at Michaels are a great place to find lots of fun, sparkly, stick-on crafting items.

I love how they all turned out!


Leeanne said...

Did your students fold a piece of black construction paper to make identical shoes? So cute! Also, I'm trying to track down your post with the black cats on an orange background, with a plastic spider glued onto the picture. Wondering where that post is....went? Thanks!

Miss said...

Hi Leeanne, yes, students folded a black piece of paper in half to create symmetrical shoes. The black cats project I think I accidentally deleted and don't have back-up pics- it was my colleague's project. Sorry!

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