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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dutch Tulip Fields

This is a lovely Spring project I found on the "Kids Artists" blog:

It's a one-point perspective lesson using the famous Dutch tulip fields. 
I like any perspective lessons that aren't streets or city scenes.

So I had my Grade 6 students draw a horizon line and then put a dot or the vanishing point somewhere along the line. Using a ruler, they drew the fields. Then they drew in a traditional windmill and trees, bushes, etc. along the horizon line.

Instead of using only marker, I had the kids use the marker watercolour technique which I like so much. 
They outline each section with a marker...

Then use a wet brush and blend over the marker. 
It bleeds and spreads and creates a wash of transparent colour.
They painted the skies with tempera discs.

They could add details on top and those would dissolve to give the illusion of flower fields.
Before water:

After water:

Thanks to Jacquelien at Kids Artists for the pretty project idea!

Ta da!

My bulletin board display:


Jacquelien said...

Thanks for linking my blog! These turned out very nice: it 's exactly what Holland looks like in this time of the year! I love the use of markers and water, I've never done that. Thanks for the idea!

Miss said...

Thanks for the gorgeous project idea, Jacquelien- I've travelled throughout the Netherlands, but never in the Spring- something on my to-do list!

Christine said...

I did this with my grade 4's this year. Very cool!

Confessions of a Modern Day [ex] Substitute Teacher

Miss said...

I'm glad the project worked out for you cpenner :)

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