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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baa Baa Black Sheep Collage Craft

Here is another project utilizing bubble printing. 
See my original post here

I was inspired by the children's nursery rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep". It is an English nursery rhyme from the 18th century. I start off by reading this rhyme to my class.

For the art project, start off by adding a squirt black tempera paint to watery dish soap for the black sheep's 'wool'. I mix up a big batch and then distribute it out to individual small cups- one per student.  This is a very messy project- make sure the kids (and yourself) are wearing paint shirts!! 

Using a straw (I cut them in half to be economical), students blow until the bubbles rise above the cup. Then immediately place your sheet of paper on top and lightly press it down.

Here's the first print.  Continue doing this until most of the paper is covered.

It looks really cool and textural. Let dry (it doesn't take long).

Once dry, demonstrate to the class how to draw a fluffy cloud-like shape on the back of the bubble paper.

Cut out. This is the sheep's wool.

On any scrap black paper, students draw a simple round head with ears and two rectangles for legs. Cut out.

For the background, you could use blue paper and have the kids draw and colour on a green hill. Or, let them loose with the watercolours or tempera paint, and paint a simple hill and blue sky as seen below.

Glue on the body, then the legs, then the head. 
Make sure to glue them high enough to leave room for the poem at the bottom of the hill.  

Now you can use googly eyes if you have them, or have the kids cut out their own circles for eyes.  I always demonstrate how to fold a small scrap piece of paper in half, draw a circle, cut out and then you have two of the same.  Easy!  Hand cut eyes look way more cute and wonky compared to googly eyes, though I do love googly eyes as well.  It can be a pain, though, having to help 25 kids peel off the stickers on the backs of  googly eyes. Kids can also decorate their sheep faces however they want.

I typed and copied the nursery rhyme and then this is cut out
with decorative scissors. Students then glued it to the bottom of the page.


Marlise said...

Great tie in to culture and language lessons

Unknown said...

Hi! - Thank you for this wonderful post on bubble painting! I'd love to reference your website for some bubble painting and art ideas in some of my TPT products. I have lots of craft templates and would be happy to give you them free? Are you on TPT?



contact (at) mandyfyhrie.com

Karthika Qpt said...

very interesting article for kids.Baa baa black sheep toy is good and it gives creativity to children.

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