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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Abstract Air Dry Clay Sculptures

This is an abstract sculpture lesson using air dry clay. Perfect for teachers like me who don't have a kiln. My students really enjoy this project so I look forward to teaching it!
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I buy one pack of air dry clay per student. I buy these at Dollarama (Canada).
Most students don't use the whole pack, for whatever reason.

I start off by showing them the work of Jean Arp and Barbara Hepworth. 
We discuss what abstract art is. Then, I do a quick demo and tell them to make any type of abstract sculpture. The only rules is it has to have a hole in it somewhere, and no parts can be thinner than a finger, as they will just break easily. 

Let these dry overnight, longer is better. 
I see my classes once a week, so they are fully dry by the next class.

The next class, students paint them using acrylic paints. They need to mix colours and use at least two.
I show them how to create metallic effects. 

Once dry, they are varnished. 
I paint on water-based varnish but you can also use a spray varnish.
This makes them shiny and helps protect the paint from chipping.
I'm a huge varnish fan and will varnish anything, lol!

Some Grade 7-9 finished sculptures:


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