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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Plasticine Pictures: Seasons

My mixed Grade 4-6 class recently completed these plasticine/modelling clay pictures. They are based on the work of Canadian artist/illustrator Barbara Reid. She uses plasticine to illustrate children's books. Her website is wonderful and has video tutorials of how she uses plasticine to create her pictures. I showed these to my students before we began the project.

I previously posted this lesson HERE that I did with younger grades- their theme was farm animals. 
I wanted to try these again with my older grades and many of them remembered doing 
them in Grade 2. The theme I gave this class was: Seasons.

This time they used the inside cuts of mat board. I get them for free from my local Michaels. It worked really well as it's really thick and sturdy. I also gave the option of using the paper plates they used before. They started off with a basic sketch of their landscape. 

Then they work from the background to the foreground, mixing colours if they need to.

I buy my plasticine in big blocks then chop it up with a knife 
and store the lumps in zip lock bags. 

Some Grade 4 - 6 results:


Tatjana Knudsen said...

This is a very good idea. I love the details. Your students have dane a great job.


Misty said...

These are awesome!

Miss said...

Thanks Tatjana and Misty!

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