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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Plasticine Pictures

This art project was inspired by one of my favourite Canadian illustrators, Barbara Reid
I own quite a few of her books and love her charming illustrations made entirely out of plasticine (aka: modelling clay).

This project requires minimal materials:
small paper plates 
 (I bought thin cheapo ones from the Dollar store and they worked great.)
(I tried a few different brands and found I liked Prang brand the best as it was the softest).
You want a variety of colours including lots of greens and blues.
Before class, I cut the blocks of plasticine down into small chunks/slices which are more easily distributed to students. 
placemats to protect tables/desks 
(I just used sheets of construction paper)

My Grade 1 students used the theme "farm animals" as they studied that with their class teachers as part of their regular curriculum. So we made farm animal landscapes.

They create a simple background first- smear blue and green plasticine in a thin layer onto the paper plate to create the sky and grass. It might take some time for the students to soften the plasticine in their hands first. They can mix colours to get any shade they want.


Using balls of plasticine pressed onto the background, create clouds and a sun and whatever 
else they want in the sky.

Then they can start adding their animals and plants/accessories.
They really enjoyed this project!!

Grade 1 results- too cute

this horse has a cowboy on it!!!


Marta said...

uouuu!! good job!!!

Miss said...

Thanks Marta!

Teresa said...

I love the vivid colors! It would be neat to have a class book that included everyone's work.

Miss said...

Teresa- that is a fantastic idea! I think I'll do it next time! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Anonymous said...

Does this fall off?

Miss said...

Anonymous: no! The plasticine totally sticks to both the paper plate and other plasticine pieces.

Celeste said...

Just to get an idea of how much I might need to buy for this project, approx. how much of each color would give to each student?

Miss said...

Celeste: that's a good question! I actually have no idea- I think I just bought about 2 or 3 blocks per colour. You need more blue and green and white though.

Celeste said...

Thanks! Will make one myself and then that might help me figure it out a little more. But love this project and know my kids will too! Really looking forward to trying this.

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