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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Glue Line Chalk Pastel Pumpkins

This is a repeat one of my more popular posts that gets alot of hits from Pinterest around this time of the year. This year I did this lesson with my Grade 7-9 art elective class. 

They start off by drawing between 2-3 overlapping pumpkins on black construction paper (ours are 12 x 18"). It's helpful to have some actual pumpkins (or mini pumpkins) in the classroom for kids to draw from. I encourage them to have different shapes and sizes of pumpkins to create interest and variety (principles of art, ahem :)
They used a light colored pencil to draw with.

Once dry, they traced over all their lines using Elmer's clear glue (my preferred brand because it dries SHINY!!!). You can also use regular white glue.

Let these dry FLAT overnight.

The next class, I do a short demo for students on how to shade and 
add highlights using chalk pastels. 
We're aiming for some realistic looking pumpkins here.
Provide paper towels to clean off the 'dirty' chalk pastels and 
scraps of black paper so kids can test out their colors beforehand.

Color the pumpkins first, then do the background.

Grade 7 - 9  (mostly Grade 8, though) results!


Anonymous said...

Love this- I am going to try using this with my Art I students with other subject matter. Love your blog.

Joelle said...

I love this technique! Fantastic result of your students!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I have done just chalk with my students before, but using the glue adds a whole new dimension. Thank you for this wonderful technique!

Miss said...

Thanks everyone!

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