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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fluffy Puffy Ghosts

Hahaha, these Grade 1 ghosts turned out so adorable!  We used the classic and super fun puffy paint recipe: mix an equal amount of shaving cream and white glue in a bowl. 
This is a great lesson to discuss the art element of texture.
I mixed up a big batch and filled up an ice cream bucket- those plastic 4 litre ones. It was easily more than enough for my 16 students. I buy the cheap-o shaving cream from the Dollar Store. I only needed one can for my class.

The kids first drew a simple ghost shape on cardstock. 
Heavy weight paper works best for this.
Then they globbed on the puffy paint and tried their best to spread it around. 
Using their fingers helped alot to push the puffy paint to the edges. Next time I might just use popsicle sticks as opposed to paint brushes.
Then they cut out eyes and a mouth from scraps of black construction paper. 
Place it on the ghost and gently push it into the puffy mixture.

yes, this ghost has armpit hair, lol

Ours dried overnight, but they were still a bit damp on the back, so I flipped them over and let them dry out another day. Then I cut them all out. The kids loved them!!!

I displayed them up high, out of hands reach, because all the students in the school 
want to poke and touch them!!


Mrs. P said...

LOVE these! A ghost with armpit hair--who knew!?! I've seen this for snowmen, but this project is one of those "a-ha!" moments! I'll have to try this with my 4 year old daughter and 7 year-old son--they will love it! Thank you so much for your post--I always enjoy reading your blog! Brandie (a.k.a. Mrs. P from Create Art With Me)

Anonymous said...

What a super idea. I love this. Thanks

Miss said...

Thanks for your comments Mrs.P and rteachr :)

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