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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spooky Silhouettes

Here's a fun Halloween project my Grade 2's finished last week. 
I found the lesson HERE on Artsonia- done my students at Cedar Creek Elementary School.

We used orange photocopier paper- nice and thin for markers.
Students drew a bare tree and then added whatever type of spooky/scary/Halloween objects/creatures they wanted. I explained to the kids what a silhouette was, so not to include any details like a face- to just focus on the shape and outline.

Kids started out by coloring these in using regular black Crayola markers, but they dried up FAST. So I had to bring out the big guns: my top-secret-hidden-in-my-bottom-desk-drawer KING SIZE Sharpies!! Yes, that's right: King Size. I originally ordered the big chisel tip Sharpies a couple of weeks ago, but these King Size monsters arrived instead. I didn't even know these existed! 
They are the bomb-diggity.

Anyway, colour in the whole design. Oh, and open the windows too! lol 
Sharpie fuuuumes

Then you need to have some hole punches ready. I originally ran around the school like a mad woman 10 minutes before class trying to empty any three hole punches I could find. The holes I got were not that great- all stuck together and had jagged edges. Then I went to make a quick photocopy and the machine said "PLEASE EMPTY THE HOLE PUNCH RESERVOIR". Seriously, it was like a sign from the art gods. I didn't even know photocopiers had a hole punch reservoir (I never use the hole-punch feature...). Sure enough, after hunting a bit, I found the hole punch holder-thingy and it was filled with perfect little circles!! 

perfect little circles for eyes

So these circles get glued on as 'eyes' peering out from the dark. Draw a black dot in the middle and you're all done. My Grade 2 kids LOVED making these, especially the boys :)

OK- I do NOT know what's going on in this artwork above! lol


Mrs. P said...

Such a cute project and I love your description of the hole punch "score"--it made me laugh! I also did a Halloween silhouette project this year using shoes and printmaking to make spooky houses (http://www.createartwithme.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-making-of-spooky-village-and-poem.html). I really like the process you used to have the students create the silhouettes--so easy to understand. These are great--thanks for sharing! Mrs. P

Miss said...

Thanks Mrs. P :) Yes, I was very happy to find the hole punched paper- aaaah, the little things that make Art teachers happy ;)

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