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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Spooky Moonlit Branches

This is a great spooky Halloween project that I did with a mixed elective class of Gr. 4 - 6 this year.
I found the initial project HERE.

Students choose blue or purple construction paper- they draw on a large full moon and colour it with white or yellow chalk pastels. Then they fill in the background with cool colours and black and blend it all together with a paper towel. Then, using black tempera paint, they painted on a tree branch. We had previously practiced drawing bare branched trees so they were pretty confident drawing these.

The last step is to add a highlight to the tops of the branches using 
white chalk or a white coloured pencil. 

I'm lucky to have a roll laminator in my room so I try to laminate chalk pastel projects.


Mary said...

These All look Great!

Miss said...

Thanks Mary :)

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