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Friday, May 25, 2018

Ted Harrison Style Paintings

Here are the paintings of my Grade 5's annual Ted Harrison style paintings. He's one of the most popular Canadian artists and art teachers love teaching his landscape lessons because they're so bright and accessible to different abilities. 

I've posted the lesson previously HERE and HERE. I sometimes mix up what type of paint I use with the kids to see the different results. This time we used tempera pucks. Make sure you have white so the students can create different tints. They sketched out their landscape on heavy white paper. Then outlined everything with a Sharpie. They painted these using the ultra convenient tempera pucks. They do dry to a dry, chalky finish which I don't love. But with large classes this type of paint is so much easier, especially if you have little time for clean-up between classes. 

Some Grade 5 results:

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