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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rouault-Inspired Tempera Batik Portraits

This is a lesson I've taught on and off throughout my career. I thought I'd post some recent results as it would make a great Halloween project as the end results are pretty spooky and/or 
melancholic and moody.
Some years tempera batik works great and I feel totally happy and inspired. Some years it doesn't work and I swear I'll never do tempera batik again (but I always do!)
A big part of this is having the kids put a really thick layer of tempera paint on- at least two layers.
It's a finicky process for sure and I really recommend trying this technique out with your own supplies to see how it works before teaching it to a class. Different types of India ink, paper and tempera paint brands really affect how the final product turns out.

HERE is my original post and all the steps involved. 

This time around I left the ink on for about 15-20 minutes and they worked pretty good, 
though the India ink did fade a lot in some spots.
The kids thought this was the creepiest project ever and asked me to never teach it again- haha! 

Results from my mixed class of Grades 4-6- enjoy some sad looking clowns and mimes!


Mary said...

These are Great! They do have a melancholic, moody look to them.

Miss said...

Thanks Mary :)

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