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Saturday, May 30, 2015

African Animals paintings

This was a painting project one of my mixed elective classes (Grade 4-6) recently finished.
Each student chose an African animal to draw. They could draw the whole body or simply a close-up portrait. On large heavy white paper, they measured a thick border (about 1.5 inches) using a ruler. 
I encouraged them to design a simple border. I had handouts with African patterns on them to help inspire. 

Once the border was designed, they drew their animal inside.

They used tempera tp paint these. It took quite a few classes due to the large format. 

Sometimes it's easier to work on the floor!

Once everything was painted and dry, students used a charcoal pencil to trace over all the lines and used a finger to smudge out the line. This added some soft texture and contrast.

Like I said, these took quite a while to complete, but we were all happy with the final result. 
I displayed these on easels at out school's musical production of "The Lion King". 


Mary said...

Beautiful work! I really like the addition of the African pattern borders.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sense of freedom and concentration. The patterns were unique to the child.

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