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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Laminator and drying rack suggestions

The teachers at my school were recently asked to fill out a 'wish list' letter to Santa. We were able to ask for one thing for our classroom and one thing for the school. I went all out (why not, right?) and asked for a drying rack for my art room (I actually don't have one) and a large roll laminator for the school (we only have a small one currently). Today I found out I can get both- Yay! Thanks Santa :)

I've never bought either before- they've just always been in previous schools I've worked in. If any art teachers out there could give me suggestions of types/brands they like, I'd be super grateful. I'm located in Canada if that makes any difference.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Drying rack:

The drying rack needs to be a floor model as I have zero available wall space. Something that holds a minimum of 20 artworks. A large-ish size- maybe something that holds up to 18 x 24" paper? My biggest thing is that the draying racks lay fairly flat- I've had racks before that have a slight tilt to them, and then watercolour paintings or glue line paintings tend to drip :( 
Budget: anything up to $500
Laminator: I have no real experience with them. Basically something that's going to be big enough to laminate large posters. I have no clue how much these cost, so any suggestions will be great.
Thank you to any and all suggestions! Add them to the comments please!


Cristin said...

I have the drying rack pictured and it's great. The only caveat is that when lots of classes are painting, it gets filled quickly. I bought a second one at my last school and it was a great solution. At my new school, I bought two more! So - highly recommended.

Unknown said...

We have this rack too. My only problems with it are that it doesn't roll very well and the racks can get stuck together if you are not careful.

Marie Magnan said...

Our school bought a laminator from GBC. It has lasted forever and it is used quite a bit. GBC is from Canada and when we needed them,
their costumer service was wonderful! Just make sure that you become VERY familiar with how to place the rolls in the laminator.

Anonymous said...

I had purchased the same rack as pictured. My issues....It is very low to the ground. The bottom two shelves were hardly used BECAUSE The spring tension of the many sections was tight and rapid. Up in your face or a students. Yikes! PLUS, when one level sprung? upright, they all seem to follow. Many papers would then end up on the floor behind the structure. I understand the need for a floor sample but the solution I managed was a series of shelves at MY LEVEL. Old book shelves. Up and out of the way. Papers had time to dry while the next class completed their projects. An alternative is to place the WIRE structure cube on a solid table and fill it at eye level. Compact it is. LAMINATOR: MAKE SURE THERE IS FUNDING FOR THE PLASTIC. I second the idea in stressing the know-how of feeding a new roll of laminate plastic is touchy. BTW: We used the 5 feet at the beginning and end of each roll for many projects.

Miss said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone- very much appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

I also have the same one pictured, my students are trained to turn their paper sideways so i can put two 12 X 18 on one shelf. so two classes.. but here is the best part, I placed a box fan behind it:) after it is loaded (each class), i turn the fan on LOW. often it is dry before the afternoon classes are done painting. Not sure where you live, but i got mine through Brame School Products.

Bethikinz said...

I have the drying rack as well. The top rack won't stay down, unless there is something very heavy on it. Other than that I find it works great. We purchased it at Curry's for under $200.00

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