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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Here's some pics of my decorated door: I cut out a haunted house from black paper, and cut out lots of windows. The I took a bunch of photos of my students making scary faces and glued them behind. My Kindergarten students made the tissue paper collaged pumpkins on the bottom of the 'hill'.

Unfortunately I didn't get any finished photos of this Grade 5 pumpkin project below, but the photos can give you an idea. You need bleeding crepe or tissue paper for this project. We used crepe paper. Draw a simple pumpkin and /or jack 'o' lantern on heavy-ish white paper and colour in the face with a black oil pastel or permanent black marker. Then cut out lots of squares of your crepe paper. Wet a small section of paper with water and a paintbrush and lay a square of crepe paper down. The ink from it will seep onto the white paper. Leave the crepe paper on for about 5 minutes or so and peel it off. 
Do the background a contrasting colour or combination of colours. 

WARNING: this method seriously stains fingers, at least the crepe paper we used did. So make sure they wear rubber gloves if this is going to be a problem.  

You might notice in these photos that about half of my students like to work standing up, the other half prefer sitting. I always find this so interesting.

notice the blue stained fingers...


Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

Very creative your haunted house.
I love the pictures of your students on the windows.

Miss said...

Thank you as always, Chesterbrook!

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