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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fire Drawings: Etsuko Ichikawa

I found this gorgeous video profiling artist Etsuko Ichikawa on the Anthropologie website. She's a Japanese artist who currently works in Seattle. I was absolutely blown away by the originality and subtle beauty of these 'fire drawings'. She essentially makes "pyrographs" by painting onto paper with the fire and smoke of hot glass. Discovering her medium was, like many great discoveries, an accident. Years ago, Ichikawa was assisting a Japanese glass artist, when the glass she'd gathered for him dripped off of the pipe and onto the floor. She gasped at the beautiful mark it left on the concrete. "It was shocking, visually. Really intriguing," she says.

Watch the video below.  Visit her website for more videos and photos of her work.


Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

The happy accidents of art.
Fantastic video.
Who would think using hot glass to make fire drawings.

The drawing are amazing, like dancing figures.
The movement of the lines are breath taking.

Thanks for sharing.

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

I just watched the videos at her website.
It was fascinating to watch her create drawings with the drippings of the hot glass.

Miss said...

Marilena: Agreed- her work is so original and beautiful. If I tried to do this I would probably engulf the entire studio in flames! The videos on her website are indeed fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I love this!! How do you think you might integrate it into a lesson for high school students?

Miss said...

Lizzie: I've heard of a method called 'fumage' or 'painting with smoke' which was used devised by the Surrealist artist Wolfgang Paalen. You would basically prop up a sheet of heavy paper and hold a lit candle underneath and move it about until you see dark shapes forming on the paper. This is something you'd need to experiment with (to get the correct distance so you don't ignite the paper). I think this would be fabulous to try with Grade 11 or 12 students!

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

I think I will try this "fumage" method in my kitchen.

Her method of creating these amazing hot glass drawings reminded me of Jackson Pollock action painting as she also gets her body involved in the process of creating.

Bob Rob Medina said...

yves klein made his with a flame thrower. cool post!

Leovi said...

Beautiful original compositions, charming.

Unknown said...

Powerful to watch.

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