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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Winding One-Point Perspective Drawings

This is a lesson that has been floating around the art blogs for some time. I originally saw the lesson posted here, on the Waunakee Community School District website, by art teacher Sophie Wagner-Marx. She has some great student examples and a handout posted- thanks Sophie!!
This is a great lesson in both one-point perspective and creativity.
I've taught this lesson to Grades 7-10 and they all really enjoy it.

So first, students draw some random shapes on a sheet of paper- I encourage them to be geometric, as it's just easier in the end.  Encourage a variety of shapes and sizes.

Next, somewhere on the page, draw a dot. This will be the 'vanishing point'. Using a ruler and a pencil, lightly connect all the corners of each shape to the vanishing point. 
Then draw the edges of the shapes by drawing a parallel line beside each shape.
Erase the rest of the lines that go past the shape.

Then, draw circles on the front of your shapes, and ovals on the sides
This is where your chosen object is going to wind through.  Choose an object, and have it start somewhere on your page, and then 'stretch' or wind it through all the holes in the shapes.  

Students come up with some really creative ideas for this project- it always surprises me everytime I teach it.  Students can colour these with pencil crayons, markers or watercolours.
I encourage them to shade the shapes, so they look really 3-D. 
Here are some Grade 9 results:
Ta da!

Dice- how clever!



Mrs. Skojec said...

How clever! Your students have great imaginations! I think I'd like to try this with my 8th grade. Most of them will love it!
Thanks for the post!


Mary said...

What creative ideas your students have! Each one is wonderful!

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

I have seen this project in a number of posts in black and white.

The colors take this project to a different dimension.

Miss said...

Thank you all!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done! Thanks for sharing this one

Anonymous said...

This is just what I've been looking for. Simple one point perspective lesson developed into an original art work. Many thanks. I'd like to pin for future reference.

Miss said...

Thanks Ms.B and Gretchen!

Julia Mark said...

This is a great idea for one point perspective-I usually find perspective drawings so boring when it's at the beginner level, but this works well. I might try it with my class.

Miss said...

Julia- I agree with your comment. I was taught the usual "city street perspective" lesson and it leaves me feeling a bit flat, so I try to mix it up a bit with my perspective lessons.

Anonymous said...

Loved doing this project with my students, thank you so much for your detailed post about this lesson! Do you have instagram or Twitter? Would love to be able to credit you! Thank you again. Please email me and let me know! kbishop@hbschools.us

Miss said...

Hi Anonymous, glad you enjoyed the lesson! You can link back to my blog- I don't have Twitter or Instagram- only enough time for the blog! I don't know how others do it on multiple social media platforms, haha!

SAMPRITI said...

loved this assignment i am going to try this out with my grade 9s i am sure they will love it,your students work is very creative

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