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Friday, April 22, 2011

'Zoomed' Abstract Drawing

This is a new art lesson I recently did with my Grade 10/11 class.  It's an introduction to creating abstract art through the use of a viewfinder to 'zoom' in and crop an element of a doodle. 
I found the lesson plan, by Art teacher Robyn Briggs, here.

So first I had students create a detailed and elaborate 'doodle' page in their sketchbook in Sharpie.

Finished doodle...

Then students cut out a little viewfinder from an index card and looked around their doodle for an interesting composition that they would later enlarge to create their abstract design.
When they found the perfect spot, they taped down the viewfinder.

Here's a close-up:

They drew these designs onto a larger sheet of good quality, smooth, black paper. It's essential to have smooth paper as the oil pastels just work better on paper with no 'tooth' or texture.
Students were told to mix colors and create blended gradations (going from light to dark). As well, they were encouraged to lay down the oil pastel in a thick layer in order to be able to more easily blend colors together. I found the kids either liked or hated the oil pastels- some found them really difficult to control, others just seemed to get a handle on the medium much more easily. 

Here are some finished results: Ta da!


Nancie Kay said...

Beautiful! I could see using this lesson w/my younger students too!

Miss said...

Thanks! Yes, you could definitely alter this lesson for younger grades and they'll probably be more open-minded towards abstract art.

Unknown said...

I totally love these! Do you think it might be feasible to have the students who didn't care for the oil pastels use them in a different way? I have my students lay down color with the pastel and then use q-tips dipped in baby oil to blend them smooth. Much the same method of watercolor pencil It allows for a lot of control.Thank you so much for my Versatile Blogger Award! I feel very honored with it coming from you since I really respect and admire your work!

Miss said...

Great tip with the baby oil, Art Fairy- I'll have to try it!

Unknown said...

OK, just figured out that it was not you who gave the award. Whoops! I need to read people's profile pages a little closer. The blogs they follow are not the blog they create-duh. I have a a 15 month old as you know so I am going to use my good ole sleep deprivation excuse! The good thing about my huge faux pas though is now I get to award you the Versatile Blogger Award!! Stop by when you get a chance to pick it up.

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