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Monday, March 7, 2011

Barbara Kruger Style Poster

This is a high school poster project inspired by the work of American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger.

She is best known for her striking black and white photographs overlaid with declarative captions—in white-on-red font.  Much of her text questions the viewer about feminism, consumerism and individual autonomy and desire.

Untitled, Barbara Kruger, 1987

I started off this project by showing a slideshow of Kruger's work.  Students were asked to think about an issue or cause or message they wanted to portray in a poster.  They used digital cameras to take original photos, then created a short statement to complement/reflect the photo.  They could do this either in Photoshop (if they knew how because I have nooooo clue how to use it), or they could do it 'old skool' like I did- simply print a black and white photo and print the text (done in Word), in colour, on a separate sheet and then cut and paste it (literally- with a glue stick- heh, heh) all together.
They were all mounted on red paper.

I'm lucky in my classroom as I have a colour printer and the students all have Macbooks
and cameras we can sign out, so this was a fairly simple project to do.

Here are my Grade 10/11 results:

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