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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowmen at Night Chalk Pastel Drawings

Love the Xmas wish list and icicles!
Grade 6 students read the book "Snowmen at Night" which is beautifully illustrated by Mark Buehner.  

First I demonstrated how to draw and shade snowmen being lit by moonlight. Students needed to be able to create a sense of a 3-D form through shading on one side. They used chalk pastels on blue or purple construction paper. The snowman had do be doing some sort of activity. This is a good lesson for the principle of movement in Art. As well, we dicussed how light (moonlight) can affect the way white snow looks. I encouraged colour blending and mixing.  Students also needed to include the moon on one side of their paper and make sure they shaded the correct side of the snowman.

Students were shown how to use the side of the chalk pastel to slowly lay down colour and blend and add more if necessary.

Add highlights on everything to create dimension- on the arms, hats, etc. They used their fingers to blends the colours together. You can also use tissue (some students don't like the dry dusty feeling).

I thought they all turned out super cute.

Ta da!

Sky diving!

this one's heart was stolen!




Mary said...

I just discovered these via Pinterest.They are all fantastic!Love the shadows on the snowmen.I'm going to have to try this in the winter months. Thanks!

Jane said...

I, too, just found these beautiful drawings on Pinterest. Well done!

Miss said...

Thanks Mary and Jane! Pinterest is fabulous - I love using it!!

Miss Macridis said...

This are amazing! I teach grade 3 ... would there be an adaptation to this that they would be able to do?

Miss said...

Thanks Miss Macridis- Grade 3's can definitely do this!

I would suggest they use large paper, if possible. The ones we did are 12x18" construction paper. Have them work vertically and perhaps only do one snowman, as it's easier and they can work large.

I always demonstrate to my students how to shade and add colour in a curve to create the 3-D round form. Have them draw the moon on one side, and the side of the snowman that is closest to the moon, that stays light and the opposite side of the snowman gets the darker colours. Then they have to practice (in their sketchbook, on scrap paper, whatever)until they get the hang of it and feel comfortable. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Did a very simple version yesterday with my grade two class. Turned out beautifully. Thanks!

Jessica said...

Just found this and would love to do it with my 5th graders- Did students draw on white paper to begin with and create a background color using the pastels that covered the area? Then draw their snowman??

Miss said...

Hi Jessica- thanks for your comment. Students used chalk pastels on blue or purple construction paper. So they started directly with white chalk on it.

Christine said...

Thanks for the idea! I did this with a grade 4 and 5 class that I was subbing in when I was left without a sub plan!

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