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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wayne Thiebaud Dessert Paintings

Grade 10 students learned about the art of American Pop artist Wayne Thiebaud. I brought in a bunch of cupcakes and donuts and the students spent some time drawing and shading them in their sketchbooks first. Then they started with acrylics- mixing colors, building up layers and shading and highlighting. Some used acrylic thickener medium to give a real impasto effect to the frosting.

These cupcakes remained scarily 'preserved' for the two weeks that we used them....

mixing different tints to get realistic shading for the pink frosting

adding the white highlights last

Great job Grade 10's!

glued on real sprinkles

detail showing the actual thick texture



Mrs. Hahn said...

I just stayed up way to late looking at your blog. I'm so glad I have found it. I have placed you on my blog roll. You students have some REAL quality work. Very nice! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and steps. Come check out my blog, maybe you might be interested in trading with my class.


Miss said...

Thanks so much, Mrs. Hahn!

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