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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Toilet Paper Food Sculptures


My Grade 7-9 elective class recently finished these incredible faux food sculptures- made only out of toilet paper and water!  I first saw this project posted on a Facebook art teachers group I belong to. 
I found a video tutorial (whom I think is the originator of the project?) HERE
She has an incredible Youtube channel.
It's posted by the incredible art teacher Bethany Thiele. Her website is HERE.

I have done fake food projects before- specifically Gyodan: Japanese Fake Food using polymer clay that was painted with acrylics. You can see that post HERE.

So I bought two packs (24 rolls each I think) of toilet paper- whatever brand was on sale. I have about 55 students (not in one class, lol, in three classes) It was just enough. I gave each student a styrofoam plate to work on and store their food on. They wrote their name and class on the bottom of the plate. I showed them the video tutorial and let them get to work. They had to search up a photo of their chosen food and work from that reference photo. They figured out the technique needed for their food fast. 

I see each class once a week for a double period, so they sculpted one week, they dried for a week and then most needed to add more layers and sculpt more for another double period.

After two weeks they were ready to paint. Watercolors produce the most realistic looking food. Again, I reminded them to use their reference photo because we wanted these to look REAL!
They can only paint up to a certain point as the sculptures really suck up all the paint and can get soggy. So students needed to paint in careful layers.

Here's my gyro wrap I had for lunch one day- which is real and which is fake?? 😂

These all came out incredibly well- I displayed them in our Senior cafe so the elementary classes and staff could come through and have a look at them. I love how many of them chose food from their own culture, or meals that their parents make at home. 


Turkish meatballs (vegan)

Opa wrap

eggs & sausage

slightly overbakes croissant

souvlaki & pita

assortment of Chinese food


sashimi & sushi



strawberry cake

pretzel with chocolate drizzle

sausage & eggs


Korean lunch box cake

Hot dog and fries with a burnt fry

lettuce wrap

patty, yam fries, chocolate covered strawberries
(yes, the boys wanted them on the same plate)

chocolate croissant

mini glazed donuts

mousse cake


Mrs. Hanisch said...

Hi! I would love to know if you put any kind of varnish or shellac over the toilet paper food props. If so, what brand? Thanks! - Julie

Miss said...

Julie- yes, I did varnish any 'moist' parts (sauces, etc). I just used a gloss Modge Podge.

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