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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Watercolour Basics- Test Papers

Watercolour is of of my most used mediums in my art room. I love the versatility of them. I ran an intro to watercolour class for my Grade 6 students. I showed them how to make a test sheet with tape that they could use to experiment with a variety of watercolour techniques. There are many Youtube tutorials out there that you can easily show to your class.

Start off by taping some heavy white paper or watercolour paper into different sections. 
We use regular masking tape and just 'lint it' onto our clothing to make it less sticky. 

Some of the techniques we tries were salt, plastic wrap, rubbing alcohol, wax resist, sgraffito, tape resist, rice, blow painting, splatter, gradations, rubber cement resist, flat washes and wet on wet. 

Label each technique used on the tape. Let dry overnight.

Here are some of the results the next day!


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