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Friday, January 3, 2020

Wycinanki Evergreen Tree Paper Cuts-outs

Wycinanki – intricate paper cut-outs – have been a popular folk craft in Poland since the 1900s.  In Poland, the decorative cut-outs are mainly associated with two regions – Łowicz and Kurpie.  The Kurpie cut-outs are made with a single sheet of paper and are thus totally symmetrical and only one colour.  Those from the Łowicz area feature colourful designs built from layering the intricate cut-outs.  Though traditionally hung as decorations in windows, on walls, and from ceiling joints, today the classic designs are found everywhere.

My Grade 6 students made Kurpie style paper cut outs of evergreen trees. This is a perfect winter lesson- you can also do at Christmas and I do this and allow my students the choice of doing a traditional Christmas tree or simply and evergreen tree. I have students from many different religious and cultural backgrounds so giving them this choice is important. I'm also glad that I work in a school that gives teachers the freedom to teach any lessons regardless of religious or holiday overtones. I try to represent many different holidays from different cultures in my art lessons. 

I also like this project before the holidays because it's simply paper, so a low-key, low mess project for when the students and myself are ready for a holiday!
I've posted this lesson previously HERE.

Student start by doing a practice tree. They fold a sheet of 9 x 12" white paper in half vertically and draw half of an evergreen tree. Then they cut it out. They can do inside cuts or use a single hole punch to add dot details. 

Once they've shown me their practice tree, they move on to their good copy. 
This gets glued down, pencil side down, onto 9 x 12" black paper. 

I let these dry about an hour, then I flatten them under a stack of heavy boards. Then I like to glitter the edges- this is optional but looks soooooo pretty!!!!

These look amazing on display!


AI said...

Wowwwwwww !!! I am totally blown away. Learning something new every day. Kids have done such a fabulous job. They should feel proud of themselves. Take a bow, teacher:) TFS, as always:)

Miss said...

Thank you!

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