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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Remembrance Day Collage Peace Doves

Every year I try to design a new project for Remembrance Day. This year I decided on a torn paper collage of doves as I found some textured paper that I'd had for years and 
hadn't gotten around to using. 
On 11x17" large heavy paper, Grade 4 - 6 students sketched out a dove shape. 

Then they cut it out. 

Each student then took a square of the textured paper and tore it into 
rectangular feather-like shapes.

Using white glue and a paintbrush , they collaged the paper 
onto their dove shape. 

Finally, they added a beak and a eye made from construction paper.
I love the soft textured effect of these birds!

Some Grade 4 - 6 results!

1 comment:

aks said...

So nice!!!
For my Grade 6 Host Country Studies class Project https://www.teachercurator.com/ancient-greek-art/telling-us-goodbye/
I will show my students your work for inspiration! Thank you!!!

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