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Monday, October 21, 2019

Glue Line Chalk Pastel Sunflowers

This is one of my most popular projects and yields really beautiful and dramatic results. 
I try to do this project in September when sunflowers are in the grocery stores. 
I've posted this project previously HERE and HERE.

Grade 6 students start by practicing drawing a sunflower on scrap paper. Once they're comfortable with it, they sketch it only 12 x 18" black construction paper. Then they pass over all the lines using Elmer's clear glue. Let this dry FLAT overnight.

The next class, I demonstrate how to shade the petals using white, orange and yellow shades. 
They colour in the flower first with chalk pastels, then colour the background. 
This is a super messy project!! Some kids absolutely hate the dry feeling of the chalk so they wrap their fingers in a Kleenex to blend. 

The final step is to clean up the glue lines using a damp thin paintbrush.

Some Grade 6 results!

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