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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Concentric Circles Marker Design

This colour theory project is great for either the start or the end of a school year. It's also perfect as a sub lesson! I'll be doing it again this September when my Junior High mixed grade class (7-9) starts. It uses basic materials but yields lovely results and gives you a good idea of any
 new students starting art abilities. 

I posted this project before with my younger grades HERE. This project is my take on the popular warm/cool hand project you see alot on Pinterest. I believe the originator of this project was Art Projects for Kids, though I could no longer find the original post.

 I'm fortunate in that my junior high students all have their own laptops, so they use those to find images to reference for this project. I leave the subject matter up to them but you cold limit it to a specific theme such as plants, animals, nature, etc. I give them a 11 x 17" sheet of paper with concentric circles already printed on it.  Then they sketch their image onto it with pencil. 

They use warm or cool colours for the background and vice versus for the image. We use a variety of brands of markers in my art room but Mr. Sketch works really well with this project 
because of it's perfect thick chiseled marker tip.

Some Grade 7 - 9 results:

(this student wanted to use watercolour)


Anne said...

These are lovely, I like how you allowed the students free rein with colours and designs. It is a great activity for warm/cool colours too - beautiful! Thank-you so much for sharing all of your work, you are amazing.

Miss said...

Thanks so much for your comment Anne :)

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