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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Contemporary Evergreen Trees Mixed Media Collage

I found this pretty winter lesson HERE on the wonderful Dutch Art blog "Kids Artists" run by Jacquelien.
I modified the lesson a bit- instead of using bleeding tissue for the trees, we created textured paper using salt sprinkled over liquid watercolours. This took one period.

Here's all the paper dried the next day. 
Wiping off the crusty dried salt is a bit of a pain. 
UPDATE: now I use a stiff large nail brush to brush it all off! 

Each paper turns out so different with a beautiful crystallized effect. 

The next class students painted their backgrounds using either regular pan watercolours or liquid watercolours. They painted snow on top using white tempera paint.

While their backgrounds were drying, they used rulers and drew a variety of 
sizes of triangles on the back of their salt paper. 

These were cut out and patterns added using a gold or silver marker.

Then they glued them onto their background, making sure to overlap to create a sense of space.. 

Some Grade 4 - 6 results!

up close detail


Marianne said...

Thank you for these! Wish I'd had an encouraging art teacher in school growing up. I am a quilter and can see how these could easily be translated into fabric. Will give that a try!

Cass said...

These are stunning!

Miss said...

Thank you Marianne and Cass :)

goldencomet said...

Totally agree with Marianne!

Amy said...

These are beautiful! So for the background, students just painted using water colour on regular white paper then just sprinkled salt overtop?

Amy said...

Sorry for their trees**

Miss said...

Amy: yes, for the trees we used liquid watercolours on white paper, lots of water and sprinkle with salt (coarse or regular both work). I prefer using liquid watercolours for this salt technique but regular watercolours also works.

Unknown said...

Have you ever tried using acrylic paints on canvas? I have a junior high after-school art/craft program, and I'm always searching for amazing yet cost-effective art they can complete to take home. This is a beautiful project, but just wondering if it would translate to canvases and acrylic paints, or if the acrylic paint would be too heavy and make the canvas curl. I guess I could try watering down the acrylic paint but I'm not sure if the water would also make the canvas curl. Just wondering. Thank you for posting!

Miss said...

Anonymous- you could just paint an acrylic background on the canvas and then collage on the paper trees. I always make a sample first to test out new projects so I encourage you to do the same:)

Tania said...

Good afternoon, I work for an educational supplies company and would and am creating a quick winter themed lesson art blog for our website. I love this project, may I use this in my post and link to your blog? thank you!

Miss said...

Hi Tania, I'm not the originator of this lesson. Please credit https://kidsartists.blogspot.com/ for this lesson as she developed it. I just modified it a bit for my students. Thanks for asking!

Tania said...

Thank you, I will reach out to kids artists as well

Anonymous said...

What type paper do you use for the background? Trees?

Miss said...

Heavy white paper (like Pacon UCreate Mixed Media Art Paper, Heavyweight) or watercolour paper.

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