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Monday, April 9, 2018

Torn Paper Insect Collage

If you're looking for a lesson to use up alot of the scrap paper you've accumulated throughout the year, look no further! I found this lesson HERE on the Dickblick website- it has some amazing lesson plans. I did this project with Grade 3, but in future years I think I'll try it with Grade 4 because I wasn't thrilled with the outcomes and quite a few kids struggled with the tearing part and adding more details part.

Below you can see my scrap paper hoarding box- ugh. It usually ends up with garbage in it and tiny pieces of paper even though I tell kids it has to be good paper at least as big as their open palm. 
Anyway, the kids love rummaging though it to see what treasures they might find. 

We started off by reviewing the parts of an insect. I have handouts and book of insects to help them with their ideas. I show them how to find the grain of the paper as well as how to tear an oval and a circle. I give them each a large sheet of black construction paper 12 x 18". They start by ripping the main body, then add the thorax and head and smaller details such as patterns, eyes, antennae, wings, etc. They had to tear everything but then at the end I let them cut the legs with scissors as it became too much of a struggle for them to tear decent straight lines.

Some Grade 3 results:

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