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Friday, July 28, 2017

Funky Flamingos

This is one of my all-time favourite projects to do with my Grade 4's. The results are always colourful and fun and the flamingos are so charming to look at.
We start the project by doing the background seascape first. On heavy white paper, they use either tempera cakes or watercolours to paint a simple three level seascape: sand, ocean and sky. 
This takes one class.
Next class, I start off my showing a Youtube video about fun flamingo facts. 
Then, using photo reference material. students each do one practice drawing of a flamingo. 
Then, on heavy white paper, they draw their good copy, outline in Sharpie and paint it using tempera. I give them red and white to mix their own shade of pink as flamingos 
come in varying colours of pink/coral.

Once dry, some students need to touch up their flamingos with Sharpie again. They choose a pink tail feather and have the option of using a sticker googly eye. I have virtually given up on using regular googly eyes as I have never found a glue to keep them on!! Any tips from art teachers out there? 
Finally, they cut out their flamingo, glue stick it to their background paper and bring it to me so I can hot glue on their tail feather. 

Some Grade 4 results:

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Kev said...

Those are so beautiful! I'll definitely try these crafts with my kids. We do mostly drawings at home but I'd like to give them a bit more exposure to other forms of art. Thank you for sharing these.

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