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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Watercolour Weavings

It's no secret I love to do weaving projects with my classes. Here we did some Valentine heart weaving (yes this post is really late!) but we also left some weavings un-cut as they were simply too pretty to cut!

Here's the classic way I teach paper weaving- the kids paint two separate sheets of paper whatever colour they wish. We used both tempera and liquid watercolours- student preference.
Fold one sheet in half and cut the 'warp'. Then cut the second sheet into weft threads.

They had alot of fun freely panting their papers.
For new students to my classes, weaving can be trial and error but they generally quickly catch on. 
Cut wider strips to accommodate students who need work on their fine motor skills (and patience!)

Here are the ones cut into hearts: Grade 4- 6 students

And some left 'as-is': 
These are approximately 1 cm wide strips. 
These take quite a while to weave!!

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