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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Oil Pastel Sunflowers

My art room is exploding with sunflower projects at the moment- I think I have 4 on the go with various grade levels, haha. Some years I am so sick of sunflowers, but I've had a break from them for a couple of years and now they're back with a vengeance, haha!

One of my classes is a mixed grade class of Grade 4-6. They created these whimsical, fantasy-like sunflowers. They could choose whatever colours they wanted and could draw either the whole flower, or just a zoomed in portion. 
They started by drawing their sunflower on black construction paper, 
then outlining it in white oil pastel.

Then they coloured them in using oil pastels- I enjoy the Pentel brand- inexpensive and effective.
Students needed to mix at least two colours within their petals and try to create a gradation through blending.

The new oil pastels I buy at the beginning of the school year stay in their original boxes. I try to get the kids to keep them as neat and organized as possible, for as long as possible. Once the boxes and pastels get a bit battered and used up, they get relegated to "the bowls"- haha! 

I bought shallow plastic bowls at Ikea and keep them stacked in a green plastic bin, also from Ikea. 
I use these bins for everything- they are super sturdy and amazing.

I ordered the Crayola oil pastels class-pack last year. I don't like the quality overall, (compared to the Pentel) but love that it comes with extra whites and blacks. I keep these separate for projects and they're pretty handy.

Here are some results from Grades 4 - 6:



Tatjana Knudsen said...

Love this project. Beautiful colors and patterns.

Best regards from a Danish art teacher


Michelle East said...

These are beautiful-love the blending of the colors! It must be Van Gogh flower season-we are making these in 4th grade too, but we are using the bleeding marker technique (wanted to change things up a bit!).
LOVE your site-I have learned SO much from you!!

Miss said...

Tatjana- thanks so much!

Michelle: thank you- yes, I had to really encourage the kids to lay down the colours thickly in order to be able to blend them effectively.
Love the bleeding markers technique! One of my favourites- so easy yet great effects. Thanks for the compliment:) I'm glad my posts have helped you- I am inspired everyday by all the amazing Art teacher blogs out there!

Unknown said...

These sunflowers are great. The way the children have cropped the image is impressive. Are your sunflowers real or artificial?

Miss said...

Thanks Gretchen- the sunflowers are artificial :)

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