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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Singing Snowmen

This is a winter project my students just finished last week. It was inspired by the theme of our school's upcoming winter concert which is: "Do Re Mi". We like to use children's art for our school posters advertising these types of events. so I had my Grade 2 students make illustrations of singing snowmen. I demonstrated how to draw a simple snowman holding a songbook. From there the students went to town and had loads of ideas of things they could add to their artwork. I only required a singing snowman and the words "Do, Re, Mi"- the rest was up to them.

They drew their pictures on 12x18" coloured construction paper (turquoise, blue or magenta). Once drawn, some chose to outline everything in Sharpie, but that wasn't really necessary as they outlined everything in the end anyway...but yeah, they love using Sharpies! I think I'm the only class they get to use them in, so it's sort of a novelty. They coloured their pictures using Crayola oil pastels. I just ordered this brand for the first time this year- I was sold on the fact that the class pack comes with double the amount of black and white!!  HALLELUJAH! Thank you, Crayola, for noticing that those are the colours us art teachers run out of first :) 
Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the quality of these as well. 

Once the pictures were coloured, they were outlined again with a black oil pastel (or a black pencil crayon for smaller details). I mounted them onto larger black paper and then the students used a white pencil crayon to add a snowflake border. 

Finally (phew), I glittered around the border with gold glitter to add a festive touch. 
These will be going on display at our winter concert in a couple of days and I'm 
excited for the kids to see their art in a public space.

This little girl told me very emphatically that the person driving the sleigh is "Mrs. Claus, NOT Santa Claus" - Ok then! lol

This girl added little pop-out people to her artwork- so cute!


J said...

The color! The energy! A job very, very well done, Ms. Art Teacher!

Unknown said...

So sweet;)

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