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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Faux Stained Glass

I'm currently teaching a unit on Medieval Art to my Grade 6 art class. We started off with making our versions of beautiful stained glass windows. We looked at medieval examples (Saint Chapelle in Paris is a GREAT example) as well as various rose windows. Then we watched a video about how stained glass windows are made (very old technique that hasn't changed much). 

To create our own 'faux' stained glass, we used the classic technique of black construction paper and colourful tissue paper. We folded a large sheet of construction paper in half- on one side draw a frame and then your design within that. This technique ensures a symmetrical design.
Poke a sharp pencil through all the shapes in order to get your scissors in there and cut out the shape. (this avoids having to use an x-acto knife).

I pre-cut a bunch of tissue paper into smaller manageable sizes.

Cut your tissue paper pieces slightly larger than the actual cut out shape. Glue on using a glue stick- seriously- some of my kids used white glue at first and it was a hot mess! Some got so messy (too much glue), so yeah, stick with glue sticks!!

Grade 6 results! They look amazing hung in classroom windows!!


Akinajka said...

Wonderful ;-)

Unknown said...

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