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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Krazy Kreatures

This is a fun and creative end of the year project. I call these "Krazy Kreatures"  :)

Kids start off by drawing just the upper body (no legs) of any type of crazy animal, person, 
alien, monster, etc. on cardstock (takes markers really well) or any type of thicker smooth white paper. 
The crazier the better. Draw in pencil first then colour with markers. Outline with a black marker 
once all the colouring is finished. Afterwards, carefully cut the creature out.

For the legs, we made paper spring legs. I think they're so fun and colourful. You can see my previous instructions for making them HERE or visit HERE for another set of instructions. 
I only had to show my students once how to make these and they got the hang of it right away.

I pre-cut strips of construction paper using the paper cutter. These were about 2.5 cm wide. 
You can make them thinner, but it just takes a bit longer to fold them. 
Students choose two colours per leg to work with. 

Once both legs are made, glue them on the bottom of your krazy kreature.
Grade 3 results- ta da!

This guys legs were made with thinner strips of paper resulting in a skinner and longer leg.
The strips were about 1.5 cm wide, I think.


Mrs. Skojec said...

This is such a fun, imaginative project! Just what I was looking for! thanks!

Miss said...

Thanks Pam :) My students definitely had fun making these and the spring-y legs were a big hit too!

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