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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Set Design: "Grimm's Tales"

Here are some backstage production photos from my Set Design Club. This was for the school play "Grimm's Tales". I collaborated with the Drama teacher and made some initial sketches of what she was looking for in terms of backdrops. Once the sketches were finalized, students projected them onto large, hinged wooden backdrops using an opaque projector. An old-skool projector is ideal as you can really, really enlarge a drawing.
So below you can see students are tracing the initial drawing.

Then they start painting. Here they are painting a large, open book. We used house paints.

Here's the finished 'book' backdrop.

Here's the dark forest scene for the Hansel & Gretel story. It looked much more effective with the lights out and spot-light on it...


Kristina said...

Your students did a wonderful job! Where do you store these backdrops when not in use? When the play is over, will you reuse them/paint over them for future plays? Where will you store them in the meantime?

Miss said...

Hi Kristina,
Thanks so much for your comment. These are stored in the school auditorium when not in use. They're just pushed against the back wall(they're on wheels). Nothing fancy. And yes, we repaint them every year- they get a coat of cheap white latex paint and are good to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi...how did you construct back drop?

Miss said...

Anonymous: these were built by the school caretaker before I came to the school. They are essentially two huge sheets of wood (plywood?) that are hinged together in the middle and put on 4 caster wheels. They were definitely top heavy and were not easy to maneuver/wheel around. I would recommend smaller sheets of wood and perhaps larger caster wheels for better stability.

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