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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rudolph at the Window Collage

This is a cute collage project that makes me laugh everytime I see the final results. These were made by Grade 1 students. It's a good project for reinforcing cutting and pasting skills as well as reviewing shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle).
I was inspired by this project here on Artsonia by R.E. Thompson Intermediate School
Instead of a drawing, we made ours using cut paper/collage.

Materials you need:
  • blue paper for the background
  • brown construction paper
  • brown construction paper cut into long strips (ours were about 1.5 inches wide or so. I pre-cut these using a paper cutter to save time)
  • circles to trace (a variety of plastic lids work well)
  • glue sticks, pencils, scissors
  • coloured paper scraps (red, black, green, white, etc)
  • red paper for mounting (optional)

So have kids trace and cut out a large circle for the head on a sheet of brown paper. I save lids from various plastic containers to use as circle tracers. They come in so handy and we use them alot. From there, they cut out a variety of lengths of brown paper from the strips to create the neck, two front legs and finally the antlers. Glue these onto the blue paper using a glue stick. To make the hoofs, take two squares of black paper and cut them in half to make two triangle shapes. Glue these on top of the legs.

Freehand draw or trace using smaller lids (some of my students used lids from baby food jars), and then cut out two white eyes and a big red nose. Students can add further paper embellishments such as holly leaves, a collar, bells, etc.
They can also draw on additional details (ie: a watch, eyebrows, nostrils, etc. lol!)
with a black marker. 
The expressions on these are priceless- with their tiny pupils they
all look insane or completely wired! ha!ha!
I mounted these on slightly larger red paper.


Phyl said...

So funny!! They make me smile.

Anna Pietrolungo, Essendon North Primary School said...

Love, love them!

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

What an adorable project.
It made me smile this morning.

Miss said...

Thanks all! Yes, they make me laugh as well- it's all about the wide-eyed expressions on their faces!

The 2 Spies said...

I think I'll do this one with my Grandchildren... but we're going to do Kitty-at-the-window (they ahve too many stray cats wondering thru their yard! Love this! Adorable!

luisa leccisotti said...

Spiritosi e originali!!! molto belli.....

Miss said...

The 2 Spies- 'kitty at the window'-cute idea as well!

Luisa- Grazi!

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